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Natural Blogarithm is the blog project of two friends who have known each other since high school. While each of us took quite different paths in our lives somehow we both ended up working with data in Berlin.

The initial idea for this blog came while working on a little leisure project in which we analysed the results of the matches of the German Bundesliga. We will use the blog to share some results of this project but also want to use it as a platform to share some of our other data related projects and things we find worth sharing.


Medical doctor by trade who studied in Berlin, Málaga and Central America. Following his keen interest in brains decided to join the interdisciplinary SCAN master program and become a neuroscientist. Currently working as a postdoc at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, focusing on topics such as consciousness, VR assisted diagnosis and treatment, image analysis and developing new biomarkers in neuroimaging.



Studied statistics and numerical mathematics in Münster and Gothenburg, working on applications such as the analysis of EEG measurements. After a short stint in consulting made the switch to data science in favor of more hands-on data and coding work. Spent the last five and a half years as a data scientist in the Berlin startup scene, focusing on fraud detection, conversion rate optimisation and Bayesian modeling. Currently on an educational sabbatical to work on personal projects and explore new technologies.